Building a Brighter Future

Jed, a new member of Ashford Twinning Association, shares the experience of his first visit to Bad Münstereifel.

10 August 2022

The recent trip to Bad Münstereifel was my first twinning visit as a member of Ashford Twinning Association. I had heard and seen of the events of last year but nothing could prepare me for the first hand experience of seeing what this community had endured. Our guides Bernhard and Elizabeth gave a detailed first hand account of the events from the flood and I felt as if I had been right there with them. 

Seeing the areas of Bad Münstereifel that had been completely rebuilt in contrast to those where you can still see where the full force nature had been unleashed on this town and its people was astounding. The resilience and community spirit of the people of Bad Münstereifel is incredible and extremely moving to experience. 

The emphasis of the people I met was 'not to dwell on things we can not change but to look forward and continue to celebrate what we have now, and what we can build on and achieve in the future together'. 

For me, this is not a place that is broken by disaster, instead it has rallied and put it's focus on community, improvement and the collaborative building of a bright future. 

I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity by Ashford Twinning Association to share in a small piece of a time that now brings refinement, community and positivity to a place hit so hard by forces out of anyone's control. 

I am looking forward to seeing how Bad Münstereifel continues to grow, and visiting again in the future.

Written by Jed Johnson
Jed Johnson (right) enjoys a trip on the Rhine near Bonn

New Member Jed (right) enjoys a trip on the Rhine near Bonn with members of the Bad Münstereifel Twinning Club.

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