Years of friendship...

The Towns


Mr. John Evans Goode is the British city commander. He stays at the home of Professor Büsch at the Klosterberg in Münstereifel.

Visit of Mr. John E. Goode to the Hendrichs family.

Visit of Mr. Goode and his brother-in-law John Wiles to Münstereifel. This is the beginning of a friendship between John Wiles and the former Bürgermeister Laurenz Frings.

John Wiles becomes Mayor of New Romney

New Romney Borough Council with John A. Wiles as its Mayor sends a friendship offer to the town of Münstereifel

The Mayors of the five English Cinque Ports stay as guests in Münstereifel and send together goodwill telegrams to Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Bundeskanzler Konrad Adenauer.

Beginning of the annual youth exchange initiated by John Wiles and Laurenz Frings.

10th anniversary of the youth exchange. Alderman John A. Wiles became honorary citizen/freeman of Münstereifel.

Winston Churchill sends handwritten greetings.


First contacts with Fougères and first youth exchange.


Alderman John A. Wiles was honoured with the federal cross of merits, first class, for his services to the friendship between the city of Munstereifel and the Cinque Ports.


Studienrat Ferdinand Lethert receives the Civil Order of British Empire by the British Ambassador in Bonn.


Official twinning between Ashford and Münstereifel


The Münstereifel twinning committee visits Fougères. Return visit of a French delegation in July 1965.


A delegation of 25 people from Münstereifel seals the twinning in Ashford, which had been signed in Münstereifel in August 1964.

Official twinning ceremony between Munstereifel and Fougeres in Fougeres

The town of Münstereifel is granted permission by the Minister of the Interior of North Rhine Westphalia to rename as Bad Münstereifel .


Ceremony of the twinning of Münstereifel with Fougères in Münstereifel. Signing of the twinning document.

The town of Bad Münstereifel is awarded the 'European Banner' by the European Council in Strasbourg in recognition of the services for the unity of Europe.

The citizen of Fougères Emile (Mimi) Renno is awarded honorary citizenship by the City of Bad Münstereifel.

An original English telephone booth and a red English mailbox are presented to the people of Bad Münstereifel by the Mayor of Ashford and the postmaster of Ashford.

In Ashford a great friendship stone is unveiled as a monument of the twinning.

The Ashford Borough Council confers the Freedom of the Borough upon Ferdinand Johannes Lethert, MBE

The European Flag of Honour was presented to Ashford, to mark the town's outstanding effort to promote European unity, At the ceremony it was stressed that the future of twinning lay in the hands of Ashford youth to be part of the heart, soul and spirit of Europe, and that the flag was a symbol of the long journey towards tolerance and understanding of other people and their cultures.

Since that day the flag has proudly hung over the entrance to Ashford council chamber.

M, Claude Jamand walks 800 km from Fougères to Bad Münstereifel in 18 days.

In the honour of Ferdi Lethert and his merits to the twinning is the bridge over the river Erft in front of his house named into Ferdi-Lethert-Brücke.

Bad Münstereifel and Ashford have officially been twinned for 50 years. The anniversary ceremony takes place in Bad Münstereifel.