We are truly shocked and very upset to see the utter devastation in our Twinning town, Bad Münstereifel. I, and all of our members, hasten to send our heartfelt and deepest sympathy to all our friends there and to each and every person who has been adversely affected by this terrible tragedy. For our part, we simply cannot imagine what you are all feeling and suffering at this time. We do want you to know that you are all, very much, in our thoughts. Our friendship goes back a long way with many happy, special and shared memories. We are here to try to support you in any way that we can through these bad times.

Update 17 July 2021

It was only across yesterday morning, Friday 16 July 21, that our fundraising link for Bad Münstereifel was launched with a target of £2,000. Comfortably within 24 hours that target was achieved. Thank you all so very much indeed to the contributors. Most kind and most generous.

As the news from Bad Münstereifel continues to unfold, it is abundantly clear that the situation there is far worse than originally thought. In these truly dire circumstances, I am taking the liberty of raising the bar and saying that new contributors will be more than welcome to this wholly worthwhile cause. In advance, thank you all so very much.

Peter Cocks
ATA Chairman

Written by Peter Cocks

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