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Strawberry Cream Tea

Sun 20 Aug 2023 - 2:30pm

Cranleigh Villa

Members £10.00 / Guests £12.00

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Annual General Meeting 2023

We had a very successful and informative Annual General Meeting, where we discussed our achievements and challenges in the past year and our plans and goals for the future.

Civic Visit to Fougères 2022

September 15 to 19 2022

Mike Bennett

1943 - 2022

Building a Brighter Future

Jed, a new member of Ashford Twinning Association, shares the experience of his first visit to Bad Münstereifel.

George Koowaree

1934 - 2022

Ashford visits Bad Münstereifel

A year on from the tragic flooding.

50 Years of Beekeeping Exchanges

Ashford Beekeepers celebrated the 50th year of their exchange which started in 1972, with beekeepers from Bad Münstereifel over the weekend of the 9th and 10th July 2022.

Members of Ashford Twinning Association in Fougères

Membership Benefits


Travel to France and Germany together with other members of the group, stay with French & German people in their own homes.*


Our quarterly newsletter for members contains news, member stories, recipes and much more.


Make new friends locally. We run events throughout the year to raise money for when our French and German friends come to Ashford.*

Friendships between people, citizen to citizen, can transcend the political and boundary lines of the day and help forge understanding and tolerance between different cultures and ways of life.

Matthew Forest
Twinning Champion - Ashford Borough Council