Ashford Twinning Association members at a quiz night

Matthew, our son, invited us to attend the ATA quiz evening on Friday 2 February at St. Teresa Church Hall. We had previously met a few of the members at the Harvest Festival lunch, which we really enjoyed, and he thought it was about time we were introduced to some more. This does include an ulterior motive but more of that later as we were unaware of this at the time!

The early birds helped put out all the tables and chairs in the hall when we arrived. Matthew, who was the quizmaster, was busy with speakers, microphone and other electrical equipment. We were introduced to Mike and Andrew who joined us to create our team. The quiz commenced at around 7pm with five teams taking part. There were three rounds, all quite different before the fish and chip supper arrived. Each team exchanged papers after each round and marked them. During the break, we were handed another round with pictures of the insignia of various airlines – a lot harder to solve than it sounds. There were twenty altogether and the winning team in this round only managed ten! I will not mention our score…

There was a final round after the break before all the scores were added up to announce the overall winner. We came fourth which I suppose proves that we had not liaised with the quizmaster beforehand. The winners each received a bottle of prosecco for their efforts. The raffle was drawn and, amazingly, someone from each table won a prize, rather than one person winning them all which often happens.

A very friendly and fun evening. Several members asked when we were going to join, and, although we do not live locally yet, we have decided to be part of the merry band. Our intention is to move to the area probably within the next two years so we might as well make new friends beforehand.

The ulterior motive – Matthew asked if we would be willing to host at his house in September as he is now involved with another aspect of the twinning (Youth Exchange). How could we refuse after an evening like this?

You will be seeing a lot more of us in the future!

Written by Philippa Seager & Peter Cocks

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