We have finally organised the photoshoot and presentation for the money raised for Bad Münstereifel.

This took place at the Friendship Stone in Ashford. It was attended by The Mayor, Cllr Callum Knowles, the Ashford Twinning Association Chair, Peter Cocks, Twinning Champion, Cllr Matthew Forest, the Kent Representative for The British-German Association, Peter Brown, Ashford Folk, members of Ashford Twinning Association and residents of Ashford.

Despite the cold, it was a good turn out, and we would like to thank everyone for their support both during the fundraising campaign and yesterday.

Watch this space for news about how the money is being spent. It is earmarked for two nursery schools and a primary school in Stadt Bad Münstereifel.

Peter Cocks, ATA Chairman said:

"Ashford has been twinned with Bad Munstereifel in Germany since 1964 – some 57 years.  The Friendship Stone reflects the ties between the towns and has stood here since 1983. The disastrous floods in Bad Muenstereifel last year have brought our towns even closer together.  With the benefit of JustGiving and a separate fund raising event, we have amassed £13,844 for our German friends. Thank you Matthew for setting up JustGiving, thank you Philippa for organising the Big Munch, thank you all those who assisted on that day, thank you Jim Davies and Ashford Folk for providing the music for the Big Munch.

Thus, the primary purpose of this photoshoot is to formally and publicly thank each and every Donor for their extraordinary generosity in supporting the Bad Muenstereifel cause.

Before we can send these monies, we await certain bank account details plus the names of the two nursery schools and the one primary school, each of whom will benefit from your generosity. This means that items not covered by State Aid, State Grants, Insurance or similar can be replaced."

Written by Peter Cocks

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